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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A little about Gnadenhutten and where we're located....

I know that alot of you are probably sitting there trying to figure out how to pronounce the name of the town that we're located in.........LOL That's ok......don't feel silly! Nobody can pronounce it unless you lived or grew up here! =D

I was born, grew up and still live here, so it's all that I have ever known. Some people just can't imagine living here! It IS a little bit of culture shock. We have no grocery store, no movie theaters, no fast food restaurants......we finally have a little cafe (with delicious homecooked foods =D) and an ice cream shop, a flower shop, a gas station and 2 flashing red lights! LOL

SO, people ask........"Why do you have your shoppe here? You need to be out in Amish country or New Philadelphia or Dover." And we are like....NO we don't! We aren't having to compete with ever other shop this way. We're in a quite and quaint little village and that's the way we like and it's exactly where we want to be! And I live 3 blocks down the street and with the price of gas.....why would I want to drive 60 miles round trip or more to work every day???? Nuff said! LOL are some links and some pictures of what Gnadenhutten looks like and what it used to look like years ago!
CLICK read about the history of Gnadenhutten.

And some of the old postcard pictures that I have found over the years. This postcard picture was taken from on top of Stocker's hill looking down on the village. Notice the dirt roads, the old school on the bottom right, the John Hecklewelder Moravian church and parsonage are on the far right and the historical cemetery is off to the bottom left........

Here's another postcard picture of the Gnadenhutten Public School......

An old postcard of the John Hecklewelder Moravian Church........

So, if you're ever in the area.......please stop by and pay us a visit! We're located right downtown (all one block) in the building that was built in 1926 that used to house the Village Pharmacy for many years.

Hope to see you soon!

More dolls from JoycEE of Enchanted Prooductions!

WOW! Sorry but I have been a slacker again! Keeping up with 2 blogs plus it's summertime and I've been extra busy this summer!

So here are Joyce's three newest auctions! Please be sure to stop by and check them all out! Her dollies are the absolute best!!

Add one to your collection today! I promise that you won't be sorry!!!

First is Senora! You will want to jump up and Jump in the Line when you hear her music! LOL

to go to her eBay auction!

Next in line is Queen Gourdevious! Just look at that face? Make sure you do NOT get on her bad side! LOL

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And last but not least is another little Halloween Heart! Awww......just lookie at him!!! Now that's a face only a mother could love! Hahaha!!

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Make sure you put them all on your watch list so they don't get away!!!!

*Lori & Joyce