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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr. McScaremetodeath..................

If you travel along the Scottish moors
Late at night, when the the fog is thick
You might hear a sound from in the distance
That will make your heart beat quick

You'll hear the sound of a ghostly bagpipe
Droning on through the night
And a haunting moan from the Piper himself
That will give you such a fright

They say the Piper lost his pipes
Just before his grizzly demise
And now in death, his ghost walks the moors
From sundown until sunrise

He's searching for his beloved pipes
Which still play a ghostly tune
And you just might see Mr. McScaremetodeath
By the light of the Scottish moon

to go see another amazing doll created by Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions listed on eBay!

Newest Enchanted Production Listed on eBay......

Aye, Mary Kathryn hails from the Emerald Isle

And her beauty and wit, will no doubt, make you smile

But if you fall in love with her wild Irish ways

This magical nymph will haunt all of your days!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

An Adorable Set of little Froggies from a "Soft in the Head" pattern from Joyce.....

How adorable is this little set of frogettes? This adorable pattern is from Pam Gracia aka "Soft in the Head". She's an amazing and talented woman who makes the most adorable patterns for primitive folk art dolls. Just click on the link to go to her wonderful blog.

Above is a picture of Joyce's adorable duo....Mr. Leaper and Mr. Jumpit....and THE LINK to their eBay auction. We hope you will stop by and take a peek.

They will end next Sunday night February 15th at 9:00pm.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Jadyn Test..............

I hate to admit this but......we use a little 2 year old as a doll testing guinea pig! This is what we call THE JADYN TEST......LOL

Everytime that JoycEE brings me her newest doll to take pics and list on eBay, we always have to get Jadyn's reaction to that particular dollie. It's so funny to watch and see what kind of reaction she will have and the sign that a doll is going to be a good one, is when she gives it a kiss! We know it's a winner then! Of course Jadyn has grown up with Joyce's dolls but every now and then.........there are a few that she refuses to go near......LOL Those ones have gotten the, "Noooooooooo" response or the "Scary!" I wish now that I had written all her responses down. Us Nana's are known to be a little forgetful sometimes! hahaha!

But this newest one of Joyce's she absolutely loved! So Nana had to get the camera out and take a pic of her hugging Joyce's little shining star doll. I found the perfect "slightly creepy" version of the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" song to use with this auction also! We hope that you will go take a peek at the latest doll that passed THE JADYN TEST! *giggle*