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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Join Us in Welcoming Folk Artist Billy Jacobs!

Join us on Saturday December 3rd from 1pm-4pm for an artist signing with world reknown primitive folk artist Billy Jacobs! Our special during the signing will be 10% off all Billy Jacobs framed prints!

Long-time Ohio resident Billy Jacobs is a self-trained folk-artist whose career has spanned nearly 30 years. Billy’s work originated in wood-craft and small decorative folk art and has evolved over the years to include his now famous collection of primitive American landscapes. First published in 2007, Billy’s collection of primitive American landscapes have made him one of the country’s most recognized folk-artists. Each of Billy’s prints portray a sense of tranquility and peacefulness that reflect the authentic nature of the scenes that have inspired Billy’s creations. Most of the landscapes featured by Billy are of actual places throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Here's a pic of us with Billy from last year's signing...

Customers who stop by and bring in their prints or purchase one of the many that we will have available can have them personally signed by Billy.

Artist Joyce Stahl with Billy...

 We hope you will stop in for light refreshments and to meet and great this friendly down to earth artist. His artwork is sure to become one of your most treasured pieces. They would also make a wonderful Christmas gift for that special someone on your Christmas list!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Open House Preview Pics......

Welcome friends to our Holiday Open House Preview!

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas here at Village Gift Shoppe!

We hope you will stop by to visit during our Holiday Open House on....

Saturday November 19 from 10am-6pm
Sunday November 20 from 12noon-5pm

Enjoy a gourmet cupcake from SUGARFUSE for your refreshment along with some festive holiday punch or coffee.

Sign up for a chance to win 1 of over 30 door prizes!


It's hard to believe that 12 years have flown by since we opened our front door! We would like to thank all of our loyal customers who have helped support our small town business! We truly appreciate each and every one of you who make our job so much fun! And to all our wonderful consignment artists who make the most amazing primitive pieces of art! 

Hope to see you all this coming weekend!

Enjoy the preview pics below and believe it or not......we're still not done decorating! LOL

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Newest little Halloween Enchanted One Listing on eBay.....

Stop by eBay and see the latest little Enchanted One by Joyce Stahl listed for Halloween.

About 2 months ago, Little Mumford whispered in to my ear that he wanted to dress up as a Mummy for Halloween. As you will see....I managed to make his little dream come true and he's ghoulishly delighted with his new costume!

Little Mumford the Trick or Treater

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Village Gift Shoppe Fall Open House!

Join us for our Fall Open House on Saturday September 10th from 10-5pm & Sunday September 11th from 12-5pm.

Free Door Prizes & Refreshments!

Mini cupcakes from Sugarfuse!

See a sneak peak preview of Joyce Stahl's little Enchanted Ones that will be traveling to Ghoultide Gathering in Northville, MI September 30th from 6-9pm & Saturday October 1st from 10am-2pm.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Latest Little Enchanted One Listed on eBay.....

Greetings everyone!

Temper McFittydit
Likes to have her own way
And she can throw a big hissy fit
Anytime of the day

CLICK HERE to go see her eBay auction.

Temper McFittydit is the latest OOAK Halloween Art doll from Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions and listed on eBay in Village Gift Shoppe's ebay store.

A great addition to your Halloween collection!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Halloween Orange Tinsel Garland Now Available!

Vintage Style Orange Tinsel Garland
9 Foot Long
Perfect for all your crafting and decorating needs or just for display in the box with its vintage style graphics!

CLICK HERE to purchase on ebay.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Newest Enchanted Productions Doll on Ebay

Millie, Millie....dark and silly,
How does your garden grow?
With skulls and bones,
And ghostly moans,
And poisonous plants all in a row!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star....

Did you know that there is actually a Halloween Star!

In fact, it's the little star, just to the left of the moon, that all little ghouls make a wish on every night before retiring to their crypts!

Just click on the little star pic above to go see the latest Enchanted Productions EBAY AUCTION.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Auctions from Enchanted Productions on EBay

Just listed on Ebay this evening are these two little what we call nodders. First is a little one eyed heart.

 You can go visit his Ebay auction by either clicking on the picture above or going HERE.

If you've ever watched any of the ghostie shows on TV and thought to yourself, "Geeee, I wish I had a ghostie hanging around my house"........Well, here's your opportunity! You won't need to call any ghost hunters either.....since this timid and vaporous little one is more apt to scare herself.....and not your guests!

You can visit little Bitty Boo's auction HERE.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Join us for our Spring Open House!

Free Door prizes and Refreshments!

The shoppe is full of new spring items. We hope you will join us this coming weekend.
New consignment artists!
New candles just in! Make your house smell yummy with Crossroads, Warm Glow cake candles and 1890 candles.
With every $10 purchase, sign up to win a Cranberry Chutney Woodwick candle!

Hope to see you there!
106 N. walnut St., Gnadenhutten, OH 44629

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Mischievous Molly....

She's listed on Ebay right now and will end this coming Sunday at 8:30pm EST-5:30pm PST, an hour earlier than usual, since I forgot about the time change this coming weekend. You would think that just once I would remember this....but no....I forget about it twice a year...LOL

CLICK HERE to go see her auction. ♥

Enchanted Blessings!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Newest Little Enchanted Production Doll on eBay

Greetings everyone!

We'd like you to meet Boonita Bunny! This mischievous little bunny is all ready for Spring with her brightly colored gown and bonnet!

Joyce specializes in OOAK Halloween art dolls that we list for her on eBay only, so please click on the link below to go see them and place a bid. :)

CLICK HERE to go see Boonita's eBay auction!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank You to Nancy Malay.......

For listing us as a source for the vintage style tinsel garland that is used on her Bluebird of Happiness that is featured on the front page of the current issue of Create & Decorate Magazine!
Directions for making Nancy's paper clay sculpt can be found on the inside of this issue. Simply click on either pic above to get your copy of this wonderful magazine and your tarnished tinsel garland. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Enchanted Production Dolls on eBay!

(Click on his picture above to go visit his ebay auction.)

Greetings everyone!

Who knew that there was international mystery and intrigue in the Halloween world?

Travel back in time with me, to the late 1960's and early 1970's, when Secret Agents ruled prime time television....and just the thought of becoming a Secret Agent fueled the imaginations of many.

Little Frankie Make Do Nodder.....just click on the picture above to go see his auction on ebay.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Enchanted Productions Dolls on Ebay!

There are two new Enchanted Ones listed on ebay this week.

I'd like to share with you my offering in this month's PFATT Edgar Allan Poe honor of the 202nd anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's birthday on January 19th.

CLICK HERE to go see Joyce's Edgar Allen Poe lisitng.

And Joyce's sweet little Valentine witch is listed on ebay this week also. CLICK HERE to go see her auction which ends this coming Sunday evening as well as Poe's.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enchanted Productions Valentine Doll Creations on Ebay...

Ahhhhh....Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air....but be warned! Valinda Von Vixen is on the prowl and I believe she is looking for yet, another gullible sweetheart!
Village rumor has it that her mystical love spells are potent and that she collects sweethearts the way you or I might collect buttons or bits of thread. It's also said that, once her innocent, would-be suitor gazes upon her face....they are forever ensnared in her web of enchantment.
Mesmerized and unable to escape, she then weaves a magical spell, which turns her poor darling into.....(believe it or not).....a toad. Now I'm not sure if I believe all of that tall tale.....but I must say......I have noticed a vast amount of toads in and around Valinda's cottage lately!
Well, we all know the Devil wears Prada.....but who knew he wore polka dots and carried a relish fork too!
Johnny says "the taste of love is sweet" maybe he's talking about sweet gherkins. That would explain the relish fork.
I'd like you to meet Devin, the L'il Devil.
Just click on their pics to go see their auctions on ebay.
Valinda Von Vixen ends Sunday evening January 16th at 9:30pm EST-6:30pm PDT.
Devin the Lil' Devil ends this Tuesday January 18th at 9:30pm EST-6:30pm PDT.