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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweets for your Sweetheart.............

Valentines Day is fast approaching and Village Gift Shoppe carries homemade chocloate candy made by Holly Metzcar. She makes delicious chocolate candies such as chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles, peanut butter cups, chocolate covered caramels, peppermint bark, holiday shaped suckers and more to fill our little vintage enamel topped table. Her candies are all wrapped in sealed bags with curly ribbon ties. We fill our reproduction enamelware containers with her delectible confections all year round.

So next time your sweet tooth has a craving or you need a little something for someone who is near and dear to you, stop in and buy them some of the sweet treats available here at Village Gift Shoppe!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Item on eBay!

Is this yummy Honey Oatmeal bar soap! Made by the same company that we get our yummy room sprays from! This soap smells so good and is good for your skin too!

Stop on by our eBay auction to get yours today!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Valentine Witch Doll from JoycEE!

I do believe there's looooooooooove in the air! Can't you just feel it? That crackling charge of's not static from the carpet either!

It's time for the County Coven's Annual Haunted Moonlight Sweetheart Dance and our dear, sweet Hexekiah Mortilicious has been working on her love spell for weeks now! She's had her sights (and crystal ball) set on that dashing and debonair warlock, Mr. Sterling Fletcher, for quite some time. You could say he's kind of like the James Bond of the witch world. of the other young hags caught his eye at the dance last year.......leaving our poor Hexie broken hearted and alone! But alas.......that love affair was not meant to be......and our handsome Mr. Fletcher is back out on the prowl again! And this year Hexie is ready! Just look at that smile on her face........looks like she's got something up her sleeve............or should I say sleeves! giggle*giggle

Hexie is up for bids right now on eBay, so just CLICK ON THIS LINK to go see her! She ends this coming Sunday night, January 18th at 9:30pm EST-6:30pm PDT.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1st in a series of "Grim Gigglers" by Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions

Village Gift Shoppe has listed Joyce Stahl's first little creepy creation of 2009 on eBay this past Sunday!

OK everyone......Valentine's Day is just around the corner (sort of) and what better way to show that extra special someone in your life how much you love them.....than to present them with their very own "Grim Giggler"! Nothing says "I love you madly, deeply and darkly" than one of these grim little ones! They're sort of a cross between a skeleton.....the grim reaper.....and a gerbil!

I think you will all agree that this little "Grim Giggler" will make you do just that...........giggle!

Joyce has come up with a line of little dolls that are creepy yet cute! Guaranteed to make you giggle and put a smile on your face! They are tiny too.......only around 6-9" tall. There is bound to be a little spot in your home where these guys could hang out together! lol

Just CLICK HERE to go see her eBay auction! She ends this coming Sunday January 11th at 9:20pm EDT-6:20pm PDT.

Make sure you check out JOYCE'S BLOG for more dolls and updates!