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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Joyce's Last Doll of 2008............

...........and Joyce has decided to go back to her passion which is Halloween and creepy and FUN! We hope you enjoy this little guy!

He's a hauntingly pudgy chap....don't you think? May we introduce Friar Timothy Mort! He's one of those proper English ghosts.

(And like all good little ghosts.... he even has his own ORB in this picture!)

Friar Timothy Mort
Is a vaporous sort
And haunts the Abbey ruins
At Surrey.

He rattles his bones
And chuckles and moans
And causes the tourists to scurry!

If you would like to stop by and see his auction.....CLICK HERE!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two Newest Enchanted Production Make Do Snowball Dolls on eBay!

I'd like you to meet Fussy Felicia! Felicia is one of the little ones that has kept Joyce on her toes for the past few weeks! Nothing seems to suit her........especially her hat! She's always pulling at it! (Psssssst! By the way....she hates her hat!) It's all she can do to keep that hat on her!

Just click here to go see Felicia on eBay!

In Joyce's last auction, she introduced you to Sidney, the Snowball........who was a part of a gang of snowballs hanging out here with her at the Enchanted Productions Studio! Well....they're still here....swinging from the curtains......begging to play board games......and pretty much driving her crazy most of the time! They do have a tendency to get into a wee bit of trouble too.....if you don't keep an eye on them.......but they're basically a good group! And if they do get out of hand......all you have to do is let them see you start to preheat the oven! They straighten up pretty quick then!!!!! LOL!

Here's the link to go see little Sidney on eBay!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Joyce's Newest Enchanted Production on eBay!

I'd like you to meet Sidney, the Snowball! Sidney, and his other snowball friends (Believe me....they're quite a crew and you'll get meet them all in the upcoming days) have been hanging out with Joyce at the Enchanted Productions studio. They can be quite a rambunctious and boisterous little group.......especially when they're she's been trying to keep them entertained with board games, but even she can only play Mystery Date just so many times! a magical hush fell over the studio and you could've heard a pin drop. You started to snow today and that's what they've all been waiting for! She wishes you could've seen them! All lined up together, side by side, with their little faces pressed up against the window! It was just precious! The silence was pretty delightful too......for a change!

Just CLICK HERE to go see Sidney's auction!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Only Thing Missing..............

...........was the snow! We had a great Christmas Open House last weekend but the only thing missing was the snow! LOL And we got that yesterday.....just a week late! But it's probably for the best because the roads were getting pretty nasty.

Thank you Nathan for helping us put up the greenery, bows, lights and grapevine the night before the open house! We were out there until 9:00pm and the air was quite chilly! It's the prettiest that our shoppe front has ever looked!

I don't think that I've shown a picture of our newest Village Gift Shoppe Sign. This is our 3rd one since we opened 9 years ago. The weather sure does take a toll on them!

We hope this one lasts for many years to come! Thank You to John Metzger and the Indian Valley High School Industrial Arts/Woodworking class for doing such a great job! Hope and I painted and stained it this past spring and her hubby and her got it hung while I was in California. The last time that the PFATTies were in Ohio and got to come visit, our poor sign was in sad shape. The banner that my friend Sam made us features our old sign, but she used her photo editing skills and made it look so pretty! I remember her telling me that we needed a new sign after she took that picture! lol

*SALE* Enchanted Productions Pumpkin Doll!

On eBay right now! *****SOLD*****

Joyce had this little sweetheart leftover from this fall. Winter has snuck up on us too quickly! We've decided to relist her with a BIN of $59.99 and FREE SHIPPING too!!! You certainly can't beat that and she would make the perfect christmas gift for anyone that adores pumpkins or collects fall or Halloween too.

Here's her link if you would like to go purchase her!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank you ME for this Award..........LOL!

I couldn't resist doing this, even though it probably goes against all the blog award rules! LOL

We have never received any kind of blog award, so I thought I (Vintagepaletteart) would present one to us! =o)

So here's to our first blog award!

Here are the rules that MUST be followed:

1. Add the logo to your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you received this award
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs
4. Leave a message on their blog, letting them know they are "One Lovely Blog"!

So let me pass on the love...

And the nominees are:
1. Tina.....Theartfullife
2. Kathy....Primsical Studios
3. Christy....Ccswhimsies
4. Sam....Samiamcreations
5. Pam....Soft In The Head
6. Laurie.......Monkey Cat Studio
7. Diane....Dianemacdesigns

All super lovely blogs I love to go visit!

Be sure to check out Lori's art & blog at Vintagepaletteart!

Happy Holidays to you all!
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