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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Velcome.........The Count!

Velcome......The Count! Another amazing creation from the talented hands of Doll Artist Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions! He's Joyce's special creation in honor of Friday the 13th!

Joyce's attention to the period clothing is always so detailed and absolutely amazing!

Notice the sideburns and the ponytail too! Can you tell that Joyce used to be a beautician?

Be sure to stop by his eBay auction! And be sure to put him on your watch list so you won't miss his ending on June 20th at 9:30pm EST.

Here's the youtube video of the famous Bela Lugosi as Dracula, that I put in his fit the theme just perfect! That count.....he's quite the ladies man!!!!!!!! lol

(Make sure you click the PAUSE button on the Playlist music player to the bottom right so you can enjoy the music from the video.)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Enchanted Productions Dolls on eBay this week!

Welcome Miss Darke County Pumpkin Pageant Queen and her first place prize winning pumpkin Pete!

Another amazing creation from the talented hands of Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions! She's on eBay this week and ends on Sunday evening June 15th at 9:30pm EST.

CLICK HERE to go see her eBay auction!


And this adorable goth Raggedy Attitude doll is another Enchanted Productions creation!

You know what happens when your bloomers are too tight.....

And your new hair-do just gives you a fright.....

And your hair stylist says, "Oh it'll grow".....

And your best friend, Andy, for dinner was a no-show.....

And the whole world seems exceptionally rude.....

I think you start to get a bit of Raggedy Attitude!

(If I were you Andy.....I'd RUN!!!!)

She ends this Firday night June 13th at 9:30pm EST.

to go see her eBay auction!

Make sure you put both items on your watch list so you don't miss them end!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Second in the Series of Ravenson Dolls...........

Scary Mary quite contrary,

How does your garden grow,

With skulls and bones,

And ghostly moans,

And black flowers all in a row!

Here she is! Meet Scary Mary! The second doll in the Ravenson Series of Goth dollies! Isn't she the coolest?

This little doll has lots of special touches such as her vintage rhinestone pin and vintage metal trim purchased at Wendy Addison's booth at the Antiques by the Bay Flea Market in Alameda, CA during our PFATT trip in April! Joyce found all kinds of vintage goodies for her dolls while we were there!

Click HERE to go to her eBay auction!