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Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Enchanted Productions Dolls on Ebay!

There are two new Enchanted Ones listed on ebay this week.

I'd like to share with you my offering in this month's PFATT Edgar Allan Poe honor of the 202nd anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's birthday on January 19th.

CLICK HERE to go see Joyce's Edgar Allen Poe lisitng.

And Joyce's sweet little Valentine witch is listed on ebay this week also. CLICK HERE to go see her auction which ends this coming Sunday evening as well as Poe's.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enchanted Productions Valentine Doll Creations on Ebay...

Ahhhhh....Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air....but be warned! Valinda Von Vixen is on the prowl and I believe she is looking for yet, another gullible sweetheart!
Village rumor has it that her mystical love spells are potent and that she collects sweethearts the way you or I might collect buttons or bits of thread. It's also said that, once her innocent, would-be suitor gazes upon her face....they are forever ensnared in her web of enchantment.
Mesmerized and unable to escape, she then weaves a magical spell, which turns her poor darling into.....(believe it or not).....a toad. Now I'm not sure if I believe all of that tall tale.....but I must say......I have noticed a vast amount of toads in and around Valinda's cottage lately!
Well, we all know the Devil wears Prada.....but who knew he wore polka dots and carried a relish fork too!
Johnny says "the taste of love is sweet" maybe he's talking about sweet gherkins. That would explain the relish fork.
I'd like you to meet Devin, the L'il Devil.
Just click on their pics to go see their auctions on ebay.
Valinda Von Vixen ends Sunday evening January 16th at 9:30pm EST-6:30pm PDT.
Devin the Lil' Devil ends this Tuesday January 18th at 9:30pm EST-6:30pm PDT.