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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet Penelope Pumpkin!

Meet Miss Penelope pumpkin.......isn't she a cutie? She stands about 40" tall, so she's a big girl! Wouldn't she be the perfect little door greeter this halloween season! We're selling chances on her (50 cents each or 3 for for a $1.00) and will draw the lucky winner at our Fall Open House which will be held on Saturday October 18th from 10-6pm and Sunday October 19th from 12 to 5pm.

We hope you stop in if you're in the area! We give away lots of door prizes from our consignment people and we have yummy refreshments too! Our shoppe will be full of fall decorations for your home this coming season.

Village Gift Shoppe
106 N. Walnut St.
Gnadenhutten, OH 44629

Cornelius has a Girlfriend!

After thinking about it this past week.......I now know why most scarecrows are portrayed as male. Think about it! Women just have WAY too much attitude for the job! Meet poor Clara. She definitely has some attitude too! I mean, come're stuck on a stick and staked out in the middle of a dusty, dirty field by some farmer named Jim Bob......surrounded by nothing but acres of corn! Like that's any fun! Geeeez......even soybeans would be more entertaining! Plus, you can just imagine what that sun does to a girl's hair! There's not enough conditioners in the world to bring her beautiful locks back to life after a long summer! Thank goodness he put a bag over her head! Can you imagine what those damaging rays could do to her skin? (Ever hear of sunscreen Jim Bob?)'s not pretty!

Well.....I think old Cornelius Scarecrow might be better off living the single life! Poor Clara's about had it with this gig!

to go see her eBay auction!

Friday, August 22, 2008

5th in The Ravenson Family Series...............

May I present to you Aunt Sybil Ravenson........the 5th doll in the Ravenson series by doll artist Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions!

Have you ever had a dream that came true? Or maybe you've had a feeling about someone that turned out to be right? Maybe you have visions. You have? If so, then you may have what some call the "second sight"......"special knowledge".....or the "third eye". It just may make you a seer...or someone who is able to foretell the future.

Meet Aunt Sibyl Ravenson. Sibyl (which means prophetess) has been different all of her life. Born a seer, with the second sight.....she's always had "special knowledge" about events in the lives of those around her. From the moment that Sibyl was born, Grandmama Ravenson knew that Sibyl was special too. She knew that the girl's life would be shrouded in mystery and that the young one would need special guidance. So Sibyl, always under the watchful eye of her Grandmama, was taught the mysteries of life....of the earth, of nature and the ways of magick.

Ever mind the rule of three.

Three times what thou givest returns to thee.

This lesson well, thou must learn.

Thee only gets what thou dost earn.

But why am I telling you all of this story? If you have the second already know it! LOL!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

EHAG Carnival Challenge Clown Doll by Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions!

Enchanted Productions presents the Dark Side Circus! The most unexceptional show on earth! We've never entertained the Crown Heads of Europe.....but we'll gladly entertain you!

Ladies and Gentlemen...........Meet Miss Calliope Pumpkin!

Miss Calliope Pumpkin ran away to join the circus when she was just a wee gourd and she hasn't looked back since! Miss Calliope loves the circus.......can't you tell? (Trust me...she loves it!) She always says there's nothing like the smell of fresh elephant poo, popcorn and cotton candy in the morning to get ones senses fired up!

to go see her eBay auction!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cornelius the Creepy Scarecrow on eBay!

It's a cool, crisp Fall night and it's late. You and one of your girlfriend have been to the theater to see the latest horror movie. It was a real thriller too.....with lots of blood and gore and your mind is filled with creepy images that won't soon leave you. You quietly wonder to yourself if you'll ever fall asleep tonight. That might be a good thing though......since you'll probably have nightmares anyway.

It's a cool, crisp Fall night and it's late. You and one of your girlfriend have been to the theater to see the latest horror movie. It was a real thriller too.....with lots of blood and gore and your mind is filled with creepy images that won't soon leave you. You quietly wonder to yourself if you'll ever fall asleep tonight. That might be a good thing though......since you'll probably have nightmares anyway.

Ten minutes ago, you dropped your girlfriend off at her house. Since she lives so far out in the countryside, she had invited you to spend night at her place.....but you declined. You have to be at work early the next morning, so you decided to head home. As your car crests a small hill, your heart sinks as you hear the engine begin to sputter. To your horror, you realize that your car has run out of gas along this long, dark, lonely stretch of country road. The gravel crunches under your tires as you slowly coast to the side of the road and come to a stop. As you sit there for a moment, you notice that the silence is deafening and the darkness that surrounds you is inky black. Off in the far distance, you can see a light lit in a solitary farmhouse. Since you haven't seen another car pass by, you realize that your only hope for assistance is to walk the lonely stretch of road between you and the farmhouse. Gathering up all of your courage, you leave the safety of your car.

The air has become colder as the night wears on and the wind, once a soft breeze, is beginning to blow harder as a storm approaches. Occasionally, flashes of distant lightning illuminate the huge corn fields on either side of the road. Out of the corner of your eye, you see something in the corn field off to your right. What could it be? Your heart begins to pound. You can see your breath in the cold air as you quicken your pace.

How you wish that you could cover your eyes and hide! An eerie feeling of being watched comes over you. With the next flash of lightning, you realize that it's only a scarecrow, stuck on a stake in the field to keep the crows away. You breath a little easier now and have to laugh at yourself for allowing your imagination run wild. You know how scared you can get after watching horror movies.

Then suddenly, in the silence, you hear it! The rustling sound of corn stalks. You tell yourself that it's only the wind and try to remain calm. Your eyes search the field for a glimpse of the scarecrow high above the corn, but you're unable to see anything in the darkness. With the next lightning flash you see it though! The bare, solitary stake.....silhouetted against the night sky. The same stake where the scarecrow had been hanging just minutes ago. The rustling sound seems to be coming closer to the edge of the field now, as though someone or something is walking towards you.

With your heart now pounding in your ears, you begin to run. The rustling sound continues to grow louder. It seems as though the sound is beside you now. Whatever it's keeping pace with you just on the other side of the corn, ready to jump out and grab you at any minute! Your lungs burn with every breath and your side aches as you run as fast as you can. You feel the fear beginning to engulf your every fiber of being and it's all you can do to hold back your screams.

"Wake up Joycee......Time to get up!" says a familiar voice from down the hall. It's my husband's voice. After a foggy moment or two, I realize that it was only bad dream. See......that's why I don't watch scary movies anymore. LOL!

to go see his eBay auction............

Monday, August 11, 2008

Nefragigi.....the Newest Enchanted Productions Doll on eBay!

OK......Imagine that you have everything you could ever possible want! You live in a splendid palace on the Giza Plateau.....the beautiful Nile river stretches out before you.....and those really cool pyramids are right over there! You lay around all day eating dates and pomegranates, while servants constantly fan you with palm fronds. (that's the part I like) Anyway, one day you're partying with Pharaoh and the next thing you wake up.....tangled in bandages, with a really bad case of dry some Egyptian display in a museum in Cleveland, Ohio. You realize that your major organs are now neatly displayed in jars beside you and you have a headache that could drop a camel in a heartbeat! No wonder poor little Gigi is fussy! You'd be fussy too if you had centuries worth of sand lodged in unspeakable places! (it doesn't even compare to a day at the beach)

CLICK HERE to go see her on eBay!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fly on over to Soft in the Head's Blog Giveaway!

OH.....................hurry and fly right over to this fellow PFATTie's giveaway!

Pam Gracia/aka "Soft in the Head" is having a blog giveaway with not one, not two...but THREE.....count 'em 3 giveaway prizes!!!

You sure don't want to miss this one!!!!

CLICK HERE to go sign up! Hurry! The drawing will be held on Sept. 1st!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Popular Items are Back!

We've just received a limited number of these items back in stock at VGS and the prices are very LOW! We have these at such a great price because they are a discontinued hurry on over and get yours today!

We always list our items with BIN (Buy It Now) prices so you don't have to wait for an auction to end or pay more than the item is worth.

If you're a Halloween lover then these are a definite must have!

Pictured below is just one of our many popular scents in our amazing room sprays! The new Homestead scent smells like yummy sweet potato pie! Perfect for this fall (or anytime)!

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These are our ever popular reproduction Halloween bottle brush trees in black. These come in a set of two....4" & 6" and are perect for your Halloween villages!

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These Halloween bottle brush garlands are the perfect addition to your mantle. We sold out of these before and have a limited amount available to you now!......

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And our very popular tinsel garland is back in stock! This is a seasonal item and I have tried telling the companies that they need to carry these ALL year round! The doll makers just love it for the trim on their dollies!

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Thanks for shopping with VGS! Our customers are very important to us! I try to ship the same or next day after items are paid for. We try to treat our customers the way that we would like to be treated as buyers. =o)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Peek-A-Boo............I See You!

Joyce has created another fun little Halloween doll this evening. We had such fun posing this little guys wired arms and fingers! You can just about imagine how many different poses you can make him do! LOL

Hope you have time to stop by and take a Peek at him on eBay!

To view his eBay auction....just Click Here!

The 4th in the Series of Ravenson Dolls............

Meet Aunt Putrid.....the 4th doll in the series of Ravenson dolls! These unique line of goth dolls made by Joyce Stahl of Enchnted Productions! Make sure you read Joyce's doll descriptions for a chuckle................they make each of her auctions so much fun to read and help bring her character dolls to life!

CLICK HERE to go see her eBay auction..........

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Enchanted Productions Dolls on eBay..........

A new Enchanted Production doll by doll artist Joyce Stahl and this one is creepy! Make sure you turn the lights on before viewing!!!!!!!!! LOL

Meet Bobo the creepy clown make do!

CLICK HERE go see his ebay auction!

And here's a youtube clip of Joyce's inspiration for Bobo........she really underestimated the creepiness! LMAO!