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Monday, August 11, 2008

Nefragigi.....the Newest Enchanted Productions Doll on eBay!

OK......Imagine that you have everything you could ever possible want! You live in a splendid palace on the Giza Plateau.....the beautiful Nile river stretches out before you.....and those really cool pyramids are right over there! You lay around all day eating dates and pomegranates, while servants constantly fan you with palm fronds. (that's the part I like) Anyway, one day you're partying with Pharaoh and the next thing you wake up.....tangled in bandages, with a really bad case of dry some Egyptian display in a museum in Cleveland, Ohio. You realize that your major organs are now neatly displayed in jars beside you and you have a headache that could drop a camel in a heartbeat! No wonder poor little Gigi is fussy! You'd be fussy too if you had centuries worth of sand lodged in unspeakable places! (it doesn't even compare to a day at the beach)

CLICK HERE to go see her on eBay!

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