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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cornelius has a Girlfriend!

After thinking about it this past week.......I now know why most scarecrows are portrayed as male. Think about it! Women just have WAY too much attitude for the job! Meet poor Clara. She definitely has some attitude too! I mean, come're stuck on a stick and staked out in the middle of a dusty, dirty field by some farmer named Jim Bob......surrounded by nothing but acres of corn! Like that's any fun! Geeeez......even soybeans would be more entertaining! Plus, you can just imagine what that sun does to a girl's hair! There's not enough conditioners in the world to bring her beautiful locks back to life after a long summer! Thank goodness he put a bag over her head! Can you imagine what those damaging rays could do to her skin? (Ever hear of sunscreen Jim Bob?)'s not pretty!

Well.....I think old Cornelius Scarecrow might be better off living the single life! Poor Clara's about had it with this gig!

to go see her eBay auction!

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