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Friday, August 22, 2008

5th in The Ravenson Family Series...............

May I present to you Aunt Sybil Ravenson........the 5th doll in the Ravenson series by doll artist Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions!

Have you ever had a dream that came true? Or maybe you've had a feeling about someone that turned out to be right? Maybe you have visions. You have? If so, then you may have what some call the "second sight"......"special knowledge".....or the "third eye". It just may make you a seer...or someone who is able to foretell the future.

Meet Aunt Sibyl Ravenson. Sibyl (which means prophetess) has been different all of her life. Born a seer, with the second sight.....she's always had "special knowledge" about events in the lives of those around her. From the moment that Sibyl was born, Grandmama Ravenson knew that Sibyl was special too. She knew that the girl's life would be shrouded in mystery and that the young one would need special guidance. So Sibyl, always under the watchful eye of her Grandmama, was taught the mysteries of life....of the earth, of nature and the ways of magick.

Ever mind the rule of three.

Three times what thou givest returns to thee.

This lesson well, thou must learn.

Thee only gets what thou dost earn.

But why am I telling you all of this story? If you have the second already know it! LOL!

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Sam I Am said...

godddddd i LOVE that hat!!!!!!! :) :) :)