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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Velcome.........The Count!

Velcome......The Count! Another amazing creation from the talented hands of Doll Artist Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions! He's Joyce's special creation in honor of Friday the 13th!

Joyce's attention to the period clothing is always so detailed and absolutely amazing!

Notice the sideburns and the ponytail too! Can you tell that Joyce used to be a beautician?

Be sure to stop by his eBay auction! And be sure to put him on your watch list so you won't miss his ending on June 20th at 9:30pm EST.

Here's the youtube video of the famous Bela Lugosi as Dracula, that I put in his fit the theme just perfect! That count.....he's quite the ladies man!!!!!!!! lol

(Make sure you click the PAUSE button on the Playlist music player to the bottom right so you can enjoy the music from the video.)

1 comment:

Doreen said...

Joyce, your work is so absolutely amazing..i'm just stunned. I love every one of them.

:)Have a great evening