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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two Newest Enchanted Production Make Do Snowball Dolls on eBay!

I'd like you to meet Fussy Felicia! Felicia is one of the little ones that has kept Joyce on her toes for the past few weeks! Nothing seems to suit her........especially her hat! She's always pulling at it! (Psssssst! By the way....she hates her hat!) It's all she can do to keep that hat on her!

Just click here to go see Felicia on eBay!

In Joyce's last auction, she introduced you to Sidney, the Snowball........who was a part of a gang of snowballs hanging out here with her at the Enchanted Productions Studio! Well....they're still here....swinging from the curtains......begging to play board games......and pretty much driving her crazy most of the time! They do have a tendency to get into a wee bit of trouble too.....if you don't keep an eye on them.......but they're basically a good group! And if they do get out of hand......all you have to do is let them see you start to preheat the oven! They straighten up pretty quick then!!!!! LOL!

Here's the link to go see little Sidney on eBay!

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