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Monday, December 8, 2008

Joyce's Newest Enchanted Production on eBay!

I'd like you to meet Sidney, the Snowball! Sidney, and his other snowball friends (Believe me....they're quite a crew and you'll get meet them all in the upcoming days) have been hanging out with Joyce at the Enchanted Productions studio. They can be quite a rambunctious and boisterous little group.......especially when they're she's been trying to keep them entertained with board games, but even she can only play Mystery Date just so many times! a magical hush fell over the studio and you could've heard a pin drop. You started to snow today and that's what they've all been waiting for! She wishes you could've seen them! All lined up together, side by side, with their little faces pressed up against the window! It was just precious! The silence was pretty delightful too......for a change!

Just CLICK HERE to go see Sidney's auction!

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