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Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Auctions from Enchanted Productions on EBay

Just listed on Ebay this evening are these two little what we call nodders. First is a little one eyed heart.

 You can go visit his Ebay auction by either clicking on the picture above or going HERE.

If you've ever watched any of the ghostie shows on TV and thought to yourself, "Geeee, I wish I had a ghostie hanging around my house"........Well, here's your opportunity! You won't need to call any ghost hunters either.....since this timid and vaporous little one is more apt to scare herself.....and not your guests!

You can visit little Bitty Boo's auction HERE.

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Hafapea™ said...

I love this doll :)! I belong to a group called The IndiExhibit that you might like to join. It's for independent artists who want to promote their work through celebrity and charity events. Your stuff is great. You should definitely check it out :).
Om Shanti,
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