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Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Enchanted Productions Halloween Goodies on eBay!

WooHoo!!!!!!!!!! Joyce has been on a roll this week! Halloween is drawing closer every day and we SO don't want it to end. Joyce has so many more ideas for Halloween goodies and not enought time in the day to get them all done! I'm sure that she will still continue to create and sneak in a few Halloween related items thoughout the year though.....after all Halloween is all year round!

Just CLICK HERE to go see these dolls on eBay!


Robert said...

Lori the little trees arrived today! Thanks so much! Robert- I thanked you on the blog as well!!! :)

Village Gift Shoppe said...

Thanks so much Robert!!! I'm so glad that you like them!!

Enjoy and Merry Halloween!