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Monday, April 19, 2010

Pyewacket the Black Cat Witch....Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl

A long time ago
I belonged to a cat
Her name was Pyewacket
And that was that

She captured my heart
Cause she was ever so sweet
Although the look in her eyes said,
"I just ate your parakeet"

Her eyes were bright gold
And she was as black as the night
And when she sat by the fishbowl
She gave the goldfish a fright

Then somewhere in time
We had to part ways
But I will never forget
Those magical black cat days

We hope you will stop by eBay and see Joyce's latest creation! The details on her dress are absolutely amazing!

A black cat witch named Pyewacket who ends next Sunday evening April 25th at 9:30pm EST.
Just click on THIS LINK to go see her and make sure you add her to your watch list so she doesn't escape........ =o)

Enchanted Blessings!

Joyce & Lori

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